Flooded Classic

Ideal solution for industrial forklift trucks.

Flooded Classic batteries are designed to enhances running time and reduce maintenance for industrial forklift trucks by delivering reliable power with long battery life and consistent daily battery performance.

The economical flooded flat-plate batteries are the ideal solution for those committed to the traditional practices of battery watering and specific gravity checks.

Flooded Classic


A classic product for industrial forklift trucks.

Grid Design

The Flooded Classic batteries incorporates tapered wire and inset lugs for better flow and lower resistance, thus increasing power generation and battery runtime.

Optimized Runtime

The Flooded Classic battery design eliminates the need for high specific gravity electrolyte resulting in optimized run time.

Long Duration

The Flooded Classic batteries have optimized grids and separators to combat the effects of normal grid corrosion and growth.

Multiple Sizes

Flooded Classic batteries are available in a wide range of sizes for Lift Truck I, II, III.


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