Tubular CMX

Cost-efficient power and durability for everyday use.

The Tubular CMX batteries is engineered to deliver the reliability and heavy duty performance of GNB Tubular products at a cost-efficient price level.

The Tubular CMX batteries, in comparison with traditional flat-plate compositions, are the ideal choice for a daily conventional use and opportunity charging operations.

Tubular CMX


A cost effective solution that delivers for everyday use.

Cost-Efficient Power

The Tubular CMX batteries is engineered to deliver consistent, reliable, and cost-efficient power.

Tubular Design

The Tubular CMX batteries feature GNB’s round tubular technology for maximum efficiency and longer life.

Opportunity Charge

The Tubular CMX batteries are approved for opportunity charging operations.

Long Warranty

The Tubular CMX batteries come with a five-year full and one-year prorated warranty.


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