Tubular LMX Low Maintenance

Increase productivity while reducing maintenance costs.

Tubular LMX Low Maintenance batteries deliver reliable power and performance for your medium to heavy-duty lift truck applications while reducing maintenance and minimizing the cost to inspect batteries frequently.

Tubular LMX Low Maintenance


Maintenance a problem? Look to Tubular LMX for powerful reliability.

Low Maintenance

Tubular LMX batteries enable up to 90-day watering interval for increased run-time and lower maintenance costs.

Tubular Architecture

The round tubular positive plate technology provides more power and avoids degradation of cells at the edges.

Various Options

Tubular LMX batteries are available in three different model options to meet a variety of customer requirements from low cost to minimum maintenance.

Long Warranty

Tubular LMX Low Maintenance batteries come with a five-year full and one-year prorated warranty.


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