GNB Tubular MPX Battery

Longer periods of running, quicker lifts and faster speeds.

With Up to 18% more power than conventional flooded batteries, the GNB Tubular MPX was engineered for premium heavy duty performance and increased energy efficiency.

The MPX can reach up to 1800 cycles at 80% depth-of-discharge (DOD). This means more capacity for your opportunity and fast charging applications.

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Tubular MPX Maximum Performance


Quicker lifts and more power for heavy duty performance.

GNB’s Round Tubular Technology

GNB’s round tubular technology is engineered for improved efficiency versus competitive square grid designs.

Various Options

The Tubular MPX Maximum Performance batteries are available for Lift Truck Class I, II, and III.

Longer Life

The MPX is designed with an increased positive spine diameter and a superior gauntlet for longer life.

Long Warranty

The Tubular MPX Maximum Performance batteries come with a five-year full and one-year prorated warranty.


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