Heavy-duty battery for the most demanding applications.

The ENERGY-PLUS™ batteries are designed to deliver more power and longer life in the most demanding environments. ENERGY-PLUS is an ideal choice for high-demand forklift applications that require longer periods of running, making high lifts, and using attachments where additional power is needed.



Your selection for heavy duty operations.

More Energy

ENERGY-PLUS batteries deliver up to 20% more power than conventional batteries into the same tray size.

Lower Operating Costs

Offering extended run time, the ENERGY-PLUS requires less change outs, thus reducing the costs associated with spare batteries and chargers, maintenance and storage space.

Longer Battery Life

Designed with a balance of active material and acid volumes, the ENERGY-PLUS battery life is longer.

Longer Work Cycles

ENERGY-PLUS has a higher sustained voltage that enables electric forklift trucks to move faster and work longer.


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