Opportunity charging with no battery changing and no maintenance.

HAWKER's FLEX and FLEXPAK Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) battery systems provide exceptional flexibility, eliminating routine maintenance and offering opportunity charging with no battery changing and short recharge times. They can also be used before they are fully charged.

HAWKER's FLEX and FLEXPAK batteries are a suitable power source for light-duty and medium-duty material handling applications including pallet trucks, industrial utility vehicles, automated guided vehicles (AGV), floor care/cleaning machines, shuttle personnel carriers, and narrow aisle fork trucks.

The HAWKER FLEXPAK combines a battery and charger with a charging profile specifically designed for TPPL batteries into one tray, thus eliminating the need for spare batteries and battery changing.



No maintenance, no battery charging, no fuss.

Maintenance Free

HAWKER FLEX™ battery systems do not need cell watering, eliminating corrosion and routine maintenance.

More Power

Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) batteries use a thinner grid design of high-purity lead resulting in more available power.

Fast Battery Charging

Using an appropriately-sized HAWKER charger, HAWKER's FLEX and FLEXPAK batteries can go from go from 40% to 80% state of charge within one hour.

Opportunity Charging

The HAWKER's FLEX Battery offers the advantage of opportunity charging with no battery changing.


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