EHF Series High Frequency Charger

Innovative charger for the standard flooded battery.

Providing a multi-curve range for standard flooded, low-maintenance flooded, and low-maintenance valve-regulated batteries, the EHF Series are a family of smart chargers compatible with Element, Tubular-LMX, Tubular-MPX, Tubular-CMX, GNB Flooded Classic, and Classic Platinum batteries.

The EHF Series High Frequency Charger features a Zero Volt Switching (ZVS) technology coupled with the latest MOSFET technology that results in very high efficiency.

EHF Series High Frequency Charger


The go-to for your standard flooded battery.

Cost Savings

Better performance, bigger power conversion in comparison with Ferroresonant and SCR technologies; this means reduced power of use and low energy costs.


The EHF Series allows you to recharge a large variety of batteries.

Efficiency Optimization

The EHF Series delivers a stable charging current and voltage during fluctuations, certifying a consistent and optimized charge.

Light and Compact

The EHF Series features a patented monocoque heat sink for efficient cooling, thus reducing size and weight.


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