Smart, efficient, low-cost; all you need in a battery.

A High-frequency charger, the Lifeplus MOD3 is the most efficient smart charger in our catalog. The Lifeplus MOD3 offers different profile options, reduces your battery charging costs, water consumption, maintenance and repair costs. This charger delivers high-end quality and power.



Efficient, powerful, high frequency smart charging.

Cost Efficient

The high electrical efficiency, can offer significant savings on electrical costs.

Energy Saver

LIFEPLUS® MOD3’s IONIC charge decreases charging qualities by diagnosing the battery and accurately returning the energy needed to complete charging process.

IONIC Smart Charge Profile

High-frequency switch-mode IONIC smart charger offers a various options for operational flexibility.

Quicker Charge

Allows faster charging of Thin Plate Pure Lead 2V batteries with a start rate of up to 40% when using with a BBWC.


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