An advanced modular charger.

Our Lifespeed MOD3 exceeds in efficiency, giving the opportunity to deliver fast, smart and IONIC technology. The high-frequency charger allows 3 to 5 times faster charging.

LIFESPEED MOD3 chargers uses patented AccelRate technology to build a unique charge algorithm.



A pioneering advanced modular charger to drive innovation.

Energy Saver

LIFESPEED® MOD3 High-Tech allows the highest conversion performance available in the industry, which lowers electrical consumption and demand charges.

Advanced Data Management

The chargers communicate wirelessly with the Battery Boss® WC (BBWC) and maintain a data history of numerous charge parameters for analysis and optimization.

Fast Charging

Charges up to 3-5 times faster than regular units. The LIFESPEED® MOD3 charger has a patented AccelRate® technology that builds a unique charge algorithm.


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