Battery and Charger Maintenance

Extend the Life of Your Batteries and Chargers

Forklift battery upkeep plays a huge part in many industries to better manage inventory, movement in warehouses and other needs of the company. Imagine the number of hours or days for repair or replacement, and the downtime impact in business operations, warehouse operations, and financial loss that can be prevented if your batteries and chargers are properly maintained.

We can help you ensure that your batteries and chargers are properly maintained and optimal to be fully utilized for material handling applications. We have dedicated, certified and well-trained technicians who have gone through a comprehensive and extensive battery maintenance and safety compliance training to cater your needs. Our technicians not only provide maintenance services but also give recommendations to fully maximize and increase the efficiency of your battery.


Battery Maintenance

  • Visual inspection of vital battery caps, cables, connections
  • Check for leakage and stable electrolyte level
  • Record specific gravity and voltage readings in each cell
  • Thoroughly clean battery

Charger Maintenance

  • Verify DC charge rate
  • Nameplate rating and ammeter check
  • Visual inspection of cables, connectors, contact tips and AC lines
  • Stabilize internal connections

There is more to battery and charger care than you might originally think

Proper battery and charger maintenance means productivity and smoother operations as there is no forklift downtime.

Underpowered Cell

Cells that are weak and go undetected will cause undue stress to the battery, causing more frequent charges and a shorter overall battery life.


Corrosion on a battery builds heat that lowers battery run time and its lifespan. There may also be other serious safety hazards.

Cable Damage

Bad cables give you false voltage, maintenance code and amp readings, which will keep you from properly addressing diagnostic problems.

Improper Charging

Charging a battery incorrectly increases the chances of a short battery life.