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The energy storage and charging solutions needed for industrial and warehouse operations in Puerto Rico.

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We have batteries with the features that your material handling applications needs - more powerful, faster, more durable.

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Motive Power Chargers

Our chargers make sure that your batteries are always ready for action, wherever you are.

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Motive Power Services

Count on Cell Group to deliver excellence and quality. We pride ourselves on customer service.

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About Cell Group, Inc. Industrial Batteries and Charging Solutions

Cell Group is an innovative business offering industrial batteries and charging systems for motive power applications in industrial and commercial markets of material handling in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

We offer a wide range of industrial batteries, chargers and other accessories including high-power-density batteries, multistage energy-saving 'smart' chargers, integrated one-point watering systems, and electronic battery health monitoring.

We aim to deliver excellence and quality in all of our products, and excels in fulfilling our clients expectations.